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1. What Did I Purchase for $50

We want to officially welcome you to the 6Star family! On behalf of the corporate staff and your sponsor, welcome aboard. You just made a $50 purchase which consists of a 12 month subscription as a distributor or wholesaler. There are 2 websites that were issued to you, a distributor and customer website. Your distributor website would be the username you used to sign in dot 6star.us 

2. Domain Name Importance

Getting started with a domain name is also commonly known as a .com, .net, .biz, etc. We highly recommend that you purchase a domain name so your customers can seamlessly navigate to your website.

3. How to maintain an active status

To maintain an Active distributor status in 6Star is very simple. There are 3 ways an active status is achieved. Watch the video to learn all 3 ways to maintain active status.

4. How To Setup Your eWallet

The following video will show you how to setup your eWallet account.

5. Distributor Only Product Kits

Now that you have made the decision to become a 6STAR distributor, we highly recommend that you buy one of our two available distributor kits. The 6STAR Standard product kit cost $99 and the Advanced kit cost $250.

6. Hand to Hand Selling


Selling the products to customers on the spot is truly an exhilarating experience! Some of the ways to sell hand to hand is vending events, trade shows and the 6STAR trademark focus groups. Watch the video to learn more.

7. Online Customers

Driving sales to your online customer website is convenient for your customers to have their online purchase shipped directly to their front door every month. Online marketing may be simple for some while challenging for others. Many individuals may create a traditional social media post, which may get the attention of their followers, however, this requires consistent posting and marketing to reap the results you desire to grow your customer market. One of the keyways 6STAR suggests to get online purchases, is to pick up the phone!

8. Stay Connected


6Star has weekly conference calls to keep distributors updated from a corporate perspective. In addition, you can hear from 6Star distributors on how to have success with your business. All corporate calls are on the same number 667-770-1723, pin number 446677#.

9. Fundraising with Reign

Organizations are always soliciting donations to help those in need. 6STAR has rendered an amazing fundraising solution to any organization's financial challenges that may exist. Cause marketing is an ingenious way of soliciting donations, when a person is giving to a cause they are excited to contribute. 6STAR's fundraising platform gives the organization $3 per pack of pads or panty liners sold and the 6STAR distributor that introduced the organization to the fundraiser will receive $2 from every pack the organization sells.

10. Securing a Commercial Deal

6STAR has a strong desire to share the wealth with its distributors. Commercial sales are a great way to get that done. Our commercial sales begin at 5,000 packs and above. The ultimate goal is to get a full container deal which contains 100,000 packs of pads and panty liners and will cost the client $250,000.

11. Time To Fly The Plane

Now that you have viewed all the steps to get started with your 6STAR business, it's time to launch! The previous videos have given you everything you need to have a successful start. On behalf of the corporate team, your sponsor and your fellow 6STAR distributors. Welcome aboard! Prepare for takeoff!



       Principles. People. Profits.



 Our company is aimed at entrepreneurs that have a desire to acquire part-time, customer driven, residual income. Our three cornerstones for success are Principles, People, and Profits. We intend to implement foundational philosophies, principles, and sound business practices which will then be applied to our inclusive, diverse culture, and direct sales model.


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